September 13, 2017

When I was applying for university at the tender age of 15 (yes, I went young and began my freshman year aged 16), there was one that stood out among the others: Tufts University. It was a great school – part of the “New Ivy League”, with prestigious alumni, and a Goldilocks-esque campus that wasn’t too big yet wasn’t too small. But that was the case for...

September 8, 2017

Growing up in the UAE, big brand names from the Western world were among the most coveted items anyone could own. I'd eagerly flip through the pages of Tiger Beat magazine (yes, no shame here - I was a tween growing up in the 90's, what did you expect?) and among all of the pages of pictures of celebrities like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I'd lust over items...

September 7, 2017

Morgan Carlson has a job that many would dream of: The 37-year-old Swede is, as he describes it, the “First Mate” at XDubai. Officially speaking, he’s the Athlete Marketing and Partnership Manager, and says he has a “Swedish passport but [is] flying under [a] pirate flag.”

If you haven’t yet heard of XDubai, aside from the fact that you may have been livin...

August 19, 2017

If you ever truly want a "Hollywood smile", the first place to start is at the dentist - but that isn't just because there are now a plethora of seriously fast and easy ways to "perfect" your teeth (with veneers and more now impressively quickly made and put in, for instance) and other aesthetic treatments. Nope, as with most things, the first place that...

August 16, 2017

One of the most important cornerstones in any high-end Asian restaurant - or indeed, any high-end restaurant in general - is the quality of ingredients in its food. Few people know this better than Chang Sup Shin, the Director of 1004 Gourmet, a family-run business that not only runs one of the region's best East Asian food stores (which boasts two physic...

July 31, 2017

Last year, during what is now an annual pre-birthday surf trip, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in the paradise that is Kandui Villas. A remote spot tucked away in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands, it had taken us two plane rides, a couple of car rides, and a couple of boat rides to get there. But once we were there, it was sheer bliss - our humble abod...

July 28, 2017

While anyone who's ever truly committed to living a fit and healthy lifestyle knows that there aren't any genuine quick fixes (and fad diets are a terrible idea, for many reasons!) when it comes to getting fit and/or losing weight, sometimes you just need to speed things up a bit - whether that's because you've got a holiday, wedding, or school reunion co...

July 14, 2017

During the long, hot Dubai summers, I often joke that the temperatures get so high outside that I turn into a "human dim sum" - steamed from the inside out. So it's somewhat ironic, then, that it's during the human dim sum time of year that I was lucky enough to discover - with thanks to my friend Kirsteen (the co-founder of Get Fit Chick, Kirsteen is a f...

July 1, 2017

In books and the movies, goodbyes are often an extended process. The main character gets the chance to sit by their ill-fated loved one's bedside and hold their hand, looking deep into their eyes before saying all of the words they had always longed to say, before they drift off forevermore. The hero gets the chance to pause and deliver a smooth catchphra...

June 27, 2017

It's perhaps one of the most common storylines in Hollywood movies, right up there with the "Wacky yet adorkable hero/heroine moves to a new place where they're treated like a weirdo and encounter a series of upsetting disasters until the whole town falls in love with them just for their crazy ways", "Tightly wound office worker who has diligently followe...

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September 10, 2018

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April 25, 2018

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April 23, 2018

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